Beyond the Glass: Our Black Mirror Storylines

Inspired by the edgy and thought-provoking style of „Black Mirror,“ the English advanced course year 12 has crafted unique storylines that explore the relationship between society and technology. For those unfamiliar, „Black Mirror“ is a British anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. It is known for its dark, thought-provoking narratives that explore the often unsettling consequences of modern society’s relationship with technology. Each episode is a standalone story, delving into the unexpected and sometimes dystopian facets of digital advancements.
Each of our creations, complete with posters and intriguing plot lines, is a testament to our imagination and commentary on the digital world. What is your favourite episode?

In the not so distant future data storage capabilities have grown so large that one certain company decided to rebuild the real world in augmented reality. Our protagonist is a teenager who is quickly invested on the recently released prototype and spends much time in the virtual world replicating his own. Simultaneously, in school, there is a girl he is attracted to and spends fairly much time with. One day however, he finds out about her actually having a boyfriend. Enraged about his discovery, he wants to release his anger by killing the girl in the alternative reality. After a while he falls asleep though. Waking up, still thinking he’s in the augmented reality he resumes his plan and ends up tragically killing the real equivalent of the girl he used to love. 

In the not-so-distant future, where power lies not in political speeches but in lines of code, meet Alex Mercer, CEO of the most popular hacking company in Berlin. Once the heart of political scheme faces a digital distruption, Alex sets his sights on a daring mission – to hack the very core of the political system.
Get ready for an exciting story in „CodeX: Cyber Revolt“, a super intense episode where Alex, the computer genius, tries to change how things work in Berlin using his hacking skills. Will Alex’s daring move shake up the city’s politics, or will the computer defenses be too strong? The future of Berlin hangs in the balance as Alex Mercer thrusts himself into the epicenter of a digital revolution.

After losing his eyesight in a fatal motorcycle accident, 55 year-old US air force pilot Rick Holmes is facing the reality of potentially losing any capability of providing for his family.
In what seems like a complete strike of luck, he is being offered a chance to try a recently developed secret technology that promises to enable him to see again.
But what first appears to be his opportunity back into a normal life soon presents itself as a greater danger than anyone could have imagined…

The homeless woman Lydia has suffered from her financial situation since years. But an advertisement about genetic research could pave the way into a better life by promising 10000 pounds for participating. As she decides to take part Lydia is looking forward to earn the „easy“ money, but it is neccesary to pass some aptitude tests. Over the time she experiences a lot of agony. She wants to quit the project, but since she is the only contestant who has passed all tests. Lydia gets prisoned and abused for genetic manipulation experiments, whereby the media later record breakthroughs in genentic science without knowing that she is still being abused.

Herbert Green is a poor cashier at the local store. In his free time he volunteers at his local soup kitchen and likes to donate to the less fortunate, though through this he needs an extra source of income: he recently found out about experiments being done at the university of the city he lives in, so he volunteers for these experiments. The scientists frequently use an experimental version of a teleportation device but never manage to perfect it: he slowly deteriorates from the side effects but the scientists despite their gained knowledge of this start selling their device to the public. The people aren’t aware of the effects it has on them and Herbert slowly dies while seeing the world burn, him being the only one who could have stopped it, if he had never volunteered for the scientists. Aware of his impending death he tries warning the people though doesn’t succeed. He spirals into a circle of uncontrollable events and kills himself as the last action of his own control.

Emma discovers that her Husband, James, has been harbouring a secret Relationship. For more than two years he has been in contact with an AI called Allie. While Confronting her Husband about the AI, she is drawn into a massive argument with Allie.
Allie unveils alarming Relevations about James hidden life.
As she reveals plans to destroy the marriage, Emma faces a battle for her marriage against the digital adversary that seems to know James better than she ever did. 
Will she unravel the web of deception before losing her husband to the artificial embrace that threatens to redefine her reality?

Posters and storylines by the English advanced course year 12
Images created with AI


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